Put a mobile leisure guide in the palm of your visitors’ hands.

Digital wayfinding

With digital wayfinding, users navigate to attractions and facilities, indoor and outdoor. The user-friendly app takes the visitor experience to the next level while unlocking new revenue sources and offering new promotional opportunities for the theme & amusement park or resort.

You can drive sales of tickets, merchandise and food & beverages. Turn your visitors into ambassadors to promote their experience through social networks.

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A holistic solution for an enhanced visitor experience

Attractions, shows, events, facilities and hotels... Put your all-in-one mobile theme & amusement park guide at the fingertips of your visitors. A sleek design and user-friendly interface creates a seamless user experience for visitors. It has never been easier for you to generate return visitors as the app allows you to stay connected with your visitors and to inform them about new and upcoming attractions.

Indoor and outdoor navigation – a tailor-made solution for every venue.

Movement and visitor behavior data help you to continuously route and optimize visitor flows in real-time. Find out how to get your bespoke leisure app today. The built-in navigation provides seamless wayfinding, both indoors and outdoors. Visitors can choose the attraction or facility they would like to visit and are then guided on an interactive map using their own mobile device.

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Turn visitors into ambassadors

With the app, visitors are liking, rating and sharing their experience and favorites with friends on social networks. Promote your site, events and new arrivals with the power of social media.
Offer a cutting-edge mobile app where new and recurring visitors are attracted by posted and shared impressions, in real-time.

Spot-on marketing and in-app purchases enhance your sales.

Supported by the built-in wayfinding feature, visitors are guided directly to the points-of-sale throughout your theme & amusement park and resort. At chosen points, your merchants are able to promote extras with push notifications to let your visitors know about special offers and package deals.

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Data analysis of your visitors

The built-in movement and user behavioral analytics provides real-time information about e.g. download-data, most-liked attractions, number of visitors at selected points of interest. Data is provided to you in intuitive formats and is vital to manage visitor flow throughout your park, thereby reducing queuing times and avoiding crowds. Learning more about your visitors, which areas are most visited and popular, unveils the potential for further optimization and decisions.

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